Memories by Tawnya Photography | Tips and Tricks





ahhhh… this is the fun part! I encourage you to bring SEVERAL outfits, and I will help you to select the best ones for your session. for example, if you choose the “Got have it.” session I recommend bringing at least 10 outfits (or more). You may not get to them all, but it will give us a great idea as to your style and ‘look’ so that I can give you the best experience possible.

I do NOT recommend clothing with high contrast between items. for example, a black shirt with a white skirt. your eyes are naturally drawn to the area of highest contrast in the image, which in this case would be the skirt (making your hips look larger than they are). your focus in portraits should most often be your face, and high contrast clothing detracts from this while making parts of your body appear larger (the ones covered with the light clothing).  Pair lights with lights, and darks with darks.Be conscious of parts of your body that might make you uncomfortable.  for example, if you are uncomfortable with the way that your upper arms look, avoid sleeveless and strapless shirts and dresses as they will make your arms appear larger.


PLEASE ~ group your outfits together ON HANGERS.  clothing in a bag or laid over your arms will become wrinkled, and will not look good in your portraits. This takes more time for the photographer to edit. I'm sure you do not want to look straggly in your photos.


VARIETY!  be sure to bring a variety of outfits to show all of your looks.  it’s always a good idea to bring long-sleeved options even when being photographed in the summer.


GLASSES – all glasses will produce glare in your senior portraits, as I photograph mainly with natural light.  if you want to wear your glasses in your senior portraits have your optometrist provide you with a pair of frames with no lenses in them (or remove the lenses from yours) for your session.


TANNING – while a little color is nice, be sure not to overdo it for your session. Tan lines are not attractive (if you have them, best to avoid outfits that show them). Also – too much color will make you appear larger in your portraits (especially in your face) as the color removes the highlights and shadows from your skin.

FINGERNAILS – they show!  I recommend having a manicure prior to your portrait session if possible. This is just an option. Just looks nicer when your hands are close to your face or body. 



Tips for Doing Makeup for Photographs




1.  Use matte colors - Although shimmer can look great when applied properly, if you are a little unsure about what to do, it's always safe to go with matte colors.  Matte makeup won't reflect light, making it easy to apply and easy to photograph. 


2.  Fill in your brows - Even if you don't fill in your brows on a daily basis, fill them in for your pictures.  Your eyes and face will look so much more complete if your brows are looking polished.  This especially goes for blondes.  Blonde eyebrows will disappear in photographs.


3.  Makeup will photograph 2 shades lighter - Makeup doesn't translate as vibrant in photographs.  I recommend doing your blush, eyes and lip color a little more vibrant than you normally would. 


4.  Use powder - Even if your makeup is applied perfectly, if you look shiny in your pictures it can ruin your whole look.  Once your makeup is complete, use a finishing or setting powder to make everything more matte.  I recommend even taking some powder with you (or oil blotting sheets), especially if it's a warm day. 


5.  Apply your makeup in natural light - When you put on your makeup, sit by a window or in a room with a lot of natural light.  This will give you the best idea of what your makeup really looks like, and how it will look in the pictures.  


6. Wear lip gloss- I, myself, never wear lip gloss.  I am a chapstick girl through and through.  But when it comes to photos, lip gloss is a must.  I consider my lips on the smaller side, so wearing lip gloss really helps them look full and plump in pictures.


9.  Wear black mascara - Some people think black is too harsh for their skin tone, but I promise that when it comes to pictures, black looks good on everyone.  Wearing black mascara will bring out your eyes a lot more than brown will.