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Cake Smash with Jolene!

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Birthday to my Grand- Daughter, Jolene!

jolene-blog1jolene-blog1Baby Jolene Turns ONE.





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Our families have been blessed with this little bundle of Joy. Jolene Louise Smith was Born June 3, 2017. 

The day my daughter in law Nicole was in labor. I was out of state with my hubby and friends. Deep down inside, I was thinking something was going to happen. While away in Kentucky my heart kept skipping a beat and I was pacing to hear the news of the new arrival of Jolene. Also to make sure that Nicole and baby was OK.   My son had finally contacted me back with an amazing photograph of Jolene being born into this crazy world. 

She had me and all of her other 7 grandma's , yes 7, the first time we each held her. Jolene is certainly blessed to have so many great grandma's and grandma's in her life. Oh, I can't leave out dad and all the Great Grandpa's and Grandpa's. She is so LOVED! 

I have had so much fun photographing Nicole, Seth and Baby Jolene during the beginning of the pregnancy all the way until now. 

This is one thing time I am grateful for my talents and love of photography to capture all the milestones of my children and their children. 

What an honor it is. My goal is to write on the back of their baby pictures like my mom did for my kids and me.  Just the other day, I sat down and went thru some old photographs of my childhood. Which, I do not have many of. Do to house a few house fires.  Portraits are so near and dear to me to be able to just pick up an album or a shoe box and go back into time. It's amazing how much we grow and change in our lifetime. 


Here is a behind the scenes video of the Cake Smash for Jolene. 




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