My mission is to help you celebrate every state of your life with natural, elegant photography that reflects and fits your lifestyle. I want my images of your life to create timeless memories that will warm your heart and soul at difficult times. Also tickle your funny bone during family get togethers. Let me help you capture the wonderful moments we all take for granted and have difficulty remembering. “So, what do you say...Let's get this story started.”
Hello, I'm Tawnya English from Antwerp, Ohio. I specialize in Fine Art Photography. Fine Art Photography is the production of images that fulfill the creative vision of the photographer. Custom Portrait Photography is a specialized portrait session designed and individualized for the client.
Photography is a passion that I have had for over 30 years now. Receiving my first camera from my grandmother. I began taking my hobby seriously and learned to express myself thru the lens of my camera and also thru many art mediums. Art has always been my passion. Since the age of 3 when I picked up my first coloring book and crayons. Family and friends have been my rock thru this adventure. They have always given me positive energy and have told me to pursue my dream and talents.
If you would like to step in front of my camera for a story to tell of your own. Contact me by email or phone. I Would be happy see you.

Thank-you for visiting my website and blog.


Tawnya English